Monday, September 8, 2008

I took a look at fractals, a way back...

... doesn't seem to be very promising, although I wonder if we "see" fractal-like images before falling asleep and somehow end-up hallucinating as a result; I seem to be able to lucidly dream to some extent (are some people lucid all the way through? seems hard to tell -- how do you know you are not dreaming that you are lucidly dreaming?)


P.S. this Claude guy was a trip... (did confirm some thing I noticed and seems odd to me: having a dream that uses information from a prior dream, sometimes a very old dream)

P.P.S. I also read a bit about hallucinations in schizophrenia (interesting that one school of thought holds that there is nothing "wrong" with these people... in a medical sense... (just a different kind of "normal") D.

I need to get out of the funk with this...

... but I just don't know which way to go; G.'s been asking me to "dump Archy McNally" (and his ilk) and read some Dostoevsky instead (I didn't quite like his writing in the past, seemed like a boring guy that rambled on and on... and never quite got to the point, I just I never really stuck around for the ending...)


P.S. So I guess I'm going to give the guy chance , G. says it all comes together at the end -- we'll see... D.