Friday, August 1, 2008

are we in a self created bubble?

do we have any idea of what's really going on?


P.S. are things like truth and reality -- human concepts -- really "real"?

the great puzzle or the great absurd?

I often get the impression that it's really a game... a puzzle of some sort that we all get a chance to figure out -- that the pieces are all there, we just need to figure out how to make them work...

we have decent control over a lot of things in our environment... so is it just a matter of time and persistence? Is one of us or more likely humankind collectively going to solve it in the end? or are we going to run out of time? is there a clock ticking away? and what does it all matter? so what if we figure it out? so what if we live forever? ultimately... it all seems absurd anyways...

is it all just a bizarre dream?


fast forwarding

it's hard not to think that if we could fast forward long enough nothing would really matter... (no matter what you do, you'd still be dead in the long run...and not just you, everything gets erased and becomes irrelevant)


P.S. unless we (humans) pull something extremely unusual...